Stevinson Imports Staff

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    • Kipp M. Stienecker Photo
      Kipp M. Stienecker
      Service Manager
    • Eric Salyer Photo
      Eric Salyer
      Detail Supervisor
    • Jesse Adamy Photo
      Jesse Adamy
      Porsche Shop Foreman
    • Porsche Service Brand Ambassador
      Elspeth Biedenbach
      Porsche Service Brand Ambassador

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    • Cetty Budiwismani Photo
      Cetty Budiwismani
    • Chance Chenoweth Photo
      Chance Chenoweth
      Gold Certified Porsche Techinician
    • Nicholas Eichhorn Photo
      Nicholas Eichhorn
      Jaguar Service Consultant
    • Kyle Hall Photo
      Kyle Hall
      Jaguar Technician
    • Kevin Malesker Photo
      Kevin Malesker
      Jaguar Technician
    • Austin Mordja Photo
      Austin Mordja
      Jaguar Apprentice
    • Vinnie Obradovic Photo
      Vinnie Obradovic
      Porsche Shop Assistant
    • Mitch Perea Photo
      Mitch Perea
    • Mike Pocsics Photo
      Mike Pocsics
      Porsche Technician
    • Kevin Samual Photo
      Kevin Samual
    • Geoff Shilling Photo
      Geoff Shilling
      Porsche Service Brand Ambassador
    • Brent Thomas Photo
      Brent Thomas
      Gold Certified Porsche Technician / Gold Certified Jaguar Technician
    • Tom  Rendahl Photo
      Tom  Rendahl
      Jaguar Service Consultant
    • Brian  Weiss  Photo
      Brian  Weiss
      Jaguar Shop Foreman
    • Bob  Zlab  Photo
      Bob  Zlab
      Gold Certifed Jaguar Technician
    • Kyle  Typher  Photo
      Kyle  Typher
      Porsche Apprentice
    • Service Brand Ambassador
      Burke Backman
      Service Brand Ambassador

      Burke has been in the automotive industry for almost 12 years and in sales for more than 20. He has been a Service Director, a BMW Service Manager and Advisor for Sonic automotive for 7 years. Needing a change in pace and sanity with more time for Family, Burke Came to work for Stevenson Porsche. He brings with him his prior knowledge and experience, a BS in Business and eCommerce as well as training in GM Transmission, A/C and vibration diagnostic repair. Handy with tools and creative enough to remodel a 1926 house from stud to tile. Burke enjoys mountain biking, Road cycling and has competed in a few Triathlons along with many forced short distance runs his wife signs him up for without asking. Craft Beer and Wine are at the top of this list but at the bottom of this Bio.

    • Erik  Skoglund Photo
      Erik  Skoglund
      Porsche Technician
    • Ryan Sanchez Photo
      Ryan Sanchez
      Service Advisor Assistant
    • Perry Johnston Photo
      Perry Johnston
      Porsche Technician
    • Brenton Dawson Photo
      Brenton Dawson
      Porsche Apprentice
    • William Svoboda Photo
      William Svoboda
      Porsche Technician
    • Andrew Larson Photo
      Andrew Larson
      Porsche Technician
    • Keaton Ashworth Photo
      Keaton Ashworth
      Porsche Technician
    • James Duckworth Photo
      James Duckworth
      Service Porter
    • Ulises Nevarez Photo
      Ulises Nevarez
      Service Porter
    • Stephen Wellendorf Photo
      Stephen Wellendorf
      Service Porter
    • Philip Albrecht Photo
      Philip Albrecht
      Porsche Shop Assistant
    • Ashley  Pearse-Luttrell Photo
      Ashley  Pearse-Luttrell
      Porsche Shop Assistant
    • Hailey Smith Photo
      Hailey Smith
      Service Receptionist
  • Parts 888-496-8570

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