Winter Tires


While many drivers assume that regular all-season tires are just fine for year round driving, that's only true if you live in a temperate climate. If you live where it snows -- or your area experiences routine sub-40 degree Fahrenheit temperatures -- a set of dedicated winter tires will dramatically improve your safety during the coldest months. While brand new all-season tires can provide reasonable traction during the winter, their performance is roughly equivalent to half-worn snow tires, half-worn all-season tires, on the other hand, are unsuitable for winter driving in snow and on icy roads.

Winter tires gain their advantage not only because they have superior tread patterns that are designed for traction on ice and snow, but because they employ "softer" rubber compounds to enhance grip. This winter rubber is designed to perform, not only when there's snow and ice on the pavement, but in cold temperatures on dry pavement. This is why winter tires are not suitable for summer, warm-weather driving, as their softer rubber and more open tread pattern will wear rapidly. Likewise, low-profile summer performance tires are terrible in cold temperatures. All-season tires compromise their winter ability in order to be used during the summer.
Stevinson Imports offers a wide selection of Jaguar and Porsche approved winter tires. Contact us for more information and competitive pricing.

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